mothercare cot bed mattress reviews Mothercare cot bed mattress reviews

I posted a couple of weeks ago, explaining how you can customise the colour of your pram and pushchair. I love the fact you get a separate carrycot and seat unit. While this means more to store, it also means both items are brilliant!

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  • I have used pushchairs which convert into pramettes, but none of them have looked as comfortable as the Movix carrycot does. The seat unit is solid too.

    The carrycot has handles, so you can lift it off the pram and carry it around safely - with your baby still sleeping inside! The carrycot feels like it is built to last a lifetime. It is strong, durable and looks brilliant. It also seems larger than a lot of other carrycots on the market, so can be used for longer than a lot of others.

    The carrycot has a wooden base in it, so it feels really sturdy. I loved that it wasn't just fabric supporting Sam in the seat unit - he's a big, heavy boy, so some fabric only pushchairs look like they won't hold him. The Movix looked more than up to the job. The seat unit feels sturdy and well made. It looks great and feel like they will last for a long time. The Chassis was easy to assemble, and the seat unit was all ready to go.

    You have the option of attaching a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat to the chassis, to turn it into a travel system. This is not included, and must be bought separately.

    I found the Movix chassis was a bit stiff when it came to folding and unfolding it, but a bit of WD40 sorted that out. The basket is totally covered - it has zips on the side to access your belongings. This keeps your pushchair looking sleek and stylish, while still letting you store your rain cover and a small amount of shopping too. The chassis has air filled rear tyres, and 2 sprung front wheels.

    You can turn the swivel wheels off or on, to suit your needs. The handle has 4 different heights, The lowest being comfortable for a 5 foot tall person to push. I am 5 foot 9 and only needed it on the 2nd height, so I think even people over 6 feet tall would be comfortable pushing the Movix.

    The handle height can be changed at the push of a button. The step on brake works really well, and feels very reliable. The pram liner zips off and is washable - perfect if you have a sickly baby like I do! It washes really well and retains it's shape too. The mattress is waterproof, and it has a removable, washable fabric cover.

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    Perfect if your baby has an accident in the pram! I personally would buy a few different colours of the necessity pack If I had the money so I could change the look of the pram without having to replace it. The hood is shared between the carrycot and the seat unit.

    It clips onto the carrycot and two press studs hold the back of it into place. It clips onto the seat unit as well, but the elasticated hem on the hood holds it in place here. The hood feels very sturdy and it opens and closes smoothly. It has a very cool zip at the back, which opens to allow ventilation and makes the hood come further forwards, thus giving more shade to the baby.

    It has a sun visor on the front too.

    mothercare cot bed mattress reviews Mothercare cot bed mattress reviews

    The hood also has a covered viewing window, so you can keep an eye on your baby even when they are forward facing in the seat unit. The carry cot apron zips onto the carrycot. It also has 2 press studs which fasten it to the hood, making the pram look even more stylish.

    The apron feels very well made, and the zipper is chunky. The cushioned seat pad is fully washable. It transforms the look of the seat unit. The matching harness pads really pull the look of the seat unit together. The harness pads also help to keep the seat pad in place, and they stop the straps rubbing baby, too. The Necessity pack also contains 2 weathershields rain covers. One for the carrycot and one for the seat unit. Both are clear, with piped edging to match the colour of the rest of the items in the necessity pack.

    I did a raincover test, and managed to get both raincovers on. The pushchair one was the easiest, and I got it onto the seat unit in 30 seconds. The carrycot was a little harder to get on, and took me a few minutes. Both looked great once on though. On the outside, it has space to store 2 bottles or 1 bottle and 1 small flask.

    Inside the main compartment, there are 2 pockets - perfect for holding nappies or wipes. There is also a zip pocket and a clip to keep your car keys accessible! Underneath the changing bag is where things get clever, though. The bag feels very well made, and the branded bag really does set the pram off well. The cosytoe is a cocoon style - it has a hood so you can keep your baby extra warm in Winter. It is fleece lined and has a wipe clean internal foot area, so dirty shoes won't be it's undoing.

    The cosytoe has press studs near the neck, so you can have the hood pulled back a bit for smaller babies, or undo them to allow it to open fully when your baby is bigger. The hidden magnets allow you to neatly secure the cosytoe over the Movix bumperbar so it even looks stylish when the cosytoe is in place.

    mothercare cot bed mattress reviews Mothercare cot bed mattress reviews

    The cover zips off the cosytoe, so you can still use the back as extra padding on warm days. The cosytoe feels well made, and it is machine washable, too. It has been too hot to test it, but I am certain it is as functional as the rest of the Movix Pram and Pushchair system is.

    I personally would choose the Ebony comfort pack to match the Dark Clay base pack, or the Hazelnut comfort pack if you opt for the Vanilla base pack. That way, you only need to buy a new necessity pack if you want to change the colour. When the Movix is in Carrycot Mode, it is very easy to push and steer.

    The brake works well, and I loved the hood's sun visor.

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  • Sydney was kept out of the sun at all times when the visor was in use. The optional ventilation also let a bit more air circulate when it was particularly hot. The carrycot clicks on and off the chassis at the push of a button ok, two buttons - but it is really easy to do!

    The carrycot has large handles, so you can safely carry the carrycot with your baby still inside. The Movix looks beautiful when it is in carrycot mode. It looks like a traditional pram, in my opinion. The carrycot doesn't fold down, so you would need plenty of boot space if you were taking the carrycot out in the car. The Chassis will fold, but aside from the hood going down, the carrycot does not. When in carrycot mode, the Movix will fill most small boots, and half of a large boot.

    We have a Vauxhall Insignia, and most of our boot was taken up by the pram and chassis. Sydney looked very comfortable in the carrycot. In fact, she will only sleep on me or in the carrycot! I would say baby will be happy enough in the carrycot if you are staying out overnight. The removable, washable pram liner is a godsend. It allows you to quickly wash the liner to remove any baby sick.

    The brake works well, and I loved the hood's sun visor. It isn't the cheapest package on the market, but this is definitely a case of, "You get what you pay for. The mattress has a water resistant but breathable and removable cover, ideal for washing in case of any accidental spillages.

    The only thing I would change is the colour of the pram liner. I think having a black one to match the carrycot colour, or one to match the colour of the necessity pack would have looked better than White does. The raincover was a bit tricky to fit to the carrycot - It was a bit snug around the hood.

    I did manage to get it on, though. I love the fact the raincovers have a window on the front. This means you can get into your baby without removing the entire cover, and you can leave it open for extra ventilation if necessary. All in all, I love the Movix in infant mode. It looks great and is a pleasure to use. As long as you have sufficient boot space for it. I love to be able to see the kids, so this was a great big tick for me. It is worth adding that the pushchair is harder to tip up at kerbs etc when your toddler is facing you.

    If your baby is on the larger side like Sam , your wrists and back will probably appreciate it if you choose to use the Movix in forward facing mode.

    The airflow seat unit can be used from your child being 6 months old. It has a 5 point harness and 3 recline positions. Sam is huge for his age, so he makes the Movix look small… It isn't!

    Sam is off the chart height and weight wise, and is in age 3 clothing, despite only being 13 months old.



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