wooden cot Wooden cot

Bookmark Discussion mwilkins54 wrote: FTM here - I've been crib shopping and have my heart set on an iron crib.

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Is there anything I should consider when deciding between a wooden and iron crib? Is one safer than the other?

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Wooden cribs are so much more popular and I'm wondering if this is for a specific reason or if it's just because they are much more common and people like the look better. Thanks in advance for the help: Oldest Newest 11 Posts K Katniss An iron crib sounds lovely, especially if that's the look you are going for.

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  • That being said, I find that with my 10 month old I'm happy to have the wood. If you're comfortable using a bumper I'd consider iron, but if not the wood is probably better.

    wooden cot Wooden cot

    Also, if your house gets cold it would seem like the metal would be cooled down and possibly uncomfortable if the baby rolls against it. Just things to consider, ultimately it's your call to make and you want to love your baby's room.

    wooden cot Wooden cot

    Enjoy and good luck! S Sunrise Iron seems kind of prison like in my mind Also babies tend to chew or mouth their cribs so your baby would be chewing metal Just things to consider, t tarynmiller I think it hurts no matter what surface your baby smacks his head on lol.

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  • My son is 16 months old and has never chewed on his crib BUT he does bounce from side to side, bang on the top railing, lounges over the side, etc so I would double and triple check that it's sturdy.

    Also, would an iron crib creak more than a wooden one? No chips if baby chews on it like wood ones. It's delicate and simple.

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    Hitting her head has never been an issue and I would imagine would hurt on both wood and iron. I also feel like it would be harder to climb out of.



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