grey cot bed Grey cot bed

By raising the mattress to convert into a cot then lower the mattress level once your child has progressed to a bed makes it very efficient and convenient for most families. One product with two uses is a bonus and will last for many years. Most have 4 swivel and lockable castors so is easy to move. Household Cot Safety Assembly Make sure that the cot is safely assembled according to instructions.


If the cot features a moving drop side, ensure that the locking mechanism is functional and operates safely with repeated use. Mattresses Only use the mattress specifically designed for the cot. An ill-fitting mattress can create dangerous gaps that can trap a sleeping child and cause suffocation.

Posted by Jennifer Brown - 9 months ago Send this item to a friend If you want to let someone special know what you like, simply fill out this form and we'll email them all the details they need. By Maxine Clayman In a nutshell A luxurious, chic and substantial cot bed that will see your little one from birth to age four but isn't for those short on space. Would recommend little green sheep to anyone.

Information about the recommended size of the mattress to use with a cot is required by law in four places: Always follow these instructions to avoid dangers associated with a cot mattress that does not fit snugly. Never place an extra mattress in the cot. While the mattress that comes with the cot may look thin and uncomfortable to you, it has been designed for the comfort and safety of babies and infants.

Extra Bedding Do not use extra bedding like bumpers and pillows.

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  • Avoid excessively soft bedding and pillows that can mould around a trapped child's mouth and cause suffocation. Do not leave items such as toys and stuffed animals in the cot with a sleeping child.

    Over 20 years of experience creating child friendly bunk beds Combining knowledge and expertise, we ensure that each of our bunk-beds is put through a rigorous testing process to guarantee maximum child safety. Please note, if you have non BNPL purchases on your account you will still need to make at least your minimum payment as detailed on your statement. Cot bed flat packed with some parts assembled Screws 2 allen keys How quick is it to assemble?

    These items can be used as footholds to assist the child in climbing out of the cot and can cause suffocation. Cot Position Set the cot up out of reach of blind and curtain cords.

    grey cot bed Grey cot bed

    Infants have died after being strangled by loose blind or curtain cords hanging in or near cots. Similarly, keep decorative mobiles out of reach. Keep heaters or any electrical appliances away from the cot to avoid the risk of overheating, burns and electrocution.

    grey cot bed Grey cot bed

    Changing The Mattress Base Position If the cot has an upper and lower mattress level, move it to the lower level as soon as the child can stand up—otherwise the child may be able to climb out and fall from the cot. Repairs If parts of your cot break or stop working as they should, always take it back to the supplier to organise repairs that will ensure safety. Never modify a new or old cot yourself, as this can destroy inbuilt safety features.

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  • Infants have died in cots where do-it-yourself repairs have created hazards. If a reputable cot supplier cannot fix your cot, you should immediately stop using it and dispose of it.

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