cot or cot bed uk Cot or cot bed uk

Getting the nursery ready for your new arrival is actually a really fun project. With all the expense that comes with a new baby you need to spend your money wisely and maybe save a few pennies for some frivolous garlands and related pretty.

Below is what I found to be essentials for when baby first arrives.

He'll be used to the side of the cot stopping him when he rolls over. The list went on.

The only other thing I would probably add in is a comfy chair but this is very much dependent upon available space. These also help baby to feel safe and secure as it is a smaller space. I can also highly recommend a bedside crib such a The Snuzpod. The debate between a cot or cot bed is one that we had.

If you're buying new cots they should follow British Standard safety guidelines. If you don't know -- or are unsure about -- your babies' genders. This versatile bedroom staple caneven transform into a day bed.

With Molly we opted for this cot bed from John Lewis as it could then turn in to a little toddler bed when she was big enough. When Alice was born Molly was still using her cot so this time we just bought this cot. It will depend on available space but I would say a cot bed is a good option due to the longevity of it.

New Mattress — It is recommended that you buy a new mattress for each child. I was a bit baffled by all the choices; sprung, foam or organic. The list went on. I will admit that my way of choosing was standing in Mothercare asking the assistant but not really understanding. I simply chose the middle priced one! Obviously this will depend on the amount of clothes your new arrival possesses but I found I folded most in to the drawers and still do.

Rather than purchasing a separate changing table we chose the white drawers from Ikea which were the perfect height for adding a changing mat on top.

bedroom cot

Go for a good quality black out blind or curtains. Alternatively I can highly recommend the gro anywhere black out blind which we had for Alice. Perfect for storing everything from nappies to muslins, cute hats to teeny socks. I can recommend adding some divider storage in to drawers to avoid all the baby socks, vests and so on getting jumbled together.

Charlotte had some great little boxes from Ikea which I may have now purchased. Mattress Protector — A mattress protector is a must. You can of course go for one of the plastic waterproof ones but there are some great options out there now. I have the organic ones from The Little Green Sheep which are lovely and soft but still waterproof.

John Lewis has some good options too. They will need frequent washing so its good to have spares.

cot or cot bed uk Cot or cot bed uk

I went for fitted sheets for ease and opted for the jersey cotton. You can choose to do this with a sheet or blanket but I had these fabulous swaddling blankets from The Gro Company.

They were super soft and the shape of them made it easy to understand how to actually swaddle a baby.

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  • They come in a different togs for summer 1 tog or winter 2 or 2. Believe me there may often be middle of the night leakages!

    cot or cot bed uk Cot or cot bed uk

    Tucking over baby in the cot or pram or laying on the floor as a play mat. You will use them quite a bit. I also loved a nice soft jersey blanket for the girls and had a few of these from Frugi. Room Thermometer — It is recommended that you keep babies room at 18 c.

    Personally I found this a bit cool so you can go a few degrees warmer if you feel it is appropriate. I had this thermometer which is also suitable for use in the bath. Baby monitor — This is one of those purchases that many people dither over. I know I did. Do you get a standard monitor, a sensor mat or a video monitor?

    This is probably a post in itself. I opted for a standard with Molly but got the Angel care sensor mat for Alice, mainly as she slept on her tummy. Most of the team have this and we all love it.

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  • Changing mat — Perfect for night time changes or if you choose to take baby in to their own room for changes during the day. You can buy extra inserts which I recommend. Nappies — Lots of them! Wipes and cotton wool — To create a little changing station. Nappy Bin — I had the Tommy Tepee nappy bin which was good as it locks each nappy away in a little pouch which definitely helps with the smell!

    So there you have my round up of the items that you probably need to get your nursery started. Do you have any more suggestions that you can share with our soon to be mammas?

    Lottie loves teaching her girls to be cake baking and crafting supremos. Follow Lottie on instagram buttercreamanddreams.

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