cot converts to single bed Cot converts to single bed

Blog The Ultimate Guide to Kids Beds The transition from cot to bed is an exciting milestone for your child, and here at Cuckooland we aim to make the process as fun as possible.

cot converts to single bed Cot converts to single bed

Our complete guide to kids beds shares our best advice on finding the perfect bed for your child. How much sleep does your child need?

The Cot to Bed Transition Possibly the first consideration for most parents of small children is the transition from cot to bed. According to Gurney, there are cues to watch out for that could speed up the transition — especially if it becomes a safety issue with toddlers trying to escape their beds. Often seen as a popular choice by savvy parents, a cot bed can lengthen the life of a cot as well as make the transition into a big bed as smooth as possible for your child.

It does give your little one a bit more room to move about in but you can sometimes spend nights searching for baby in the dark as they have plenty of room to hide! Most novelty beds will use the term single bed as a quick guide to sizing.

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But others refer to the term single bed to describe the frame and overall design of the bed. Be sure to check your chosen single beds size and origin when purchasing a mattress.

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  • View our complete guide to kids single bed sizes, below. Bunk Beds The bunk bed is a staple in pretty much every shared bedroom, but did you know there are a variety of bunk beds available?

    The classic term bunk bed is used to describe a single bed frame with one bed stacked on-top of the other with the use of a ladder providing access to the top bunk.

    Due to some safety concerns it is advised that bunks be used for older children to avoid falls. View our complete guide to kids bunk beds, here. Cabin Beds A popular choice amongst younger children and teenagers alike is the cabin bed. The cabin bed is comprised of any elevated frame which is usually lower than a bunk bed. The cabin bed is another good option when space is short as storage is usually included in this style of bed. The frame height of a cabin bed can vary, which means this versatile type of bed is suitable for small children as well as older children.

    A key reason cabin beds appeal to children is that some are designed to be an enclosed resting place. View our complete guide to kids cabin beds, here.

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  • Loft beds are a great idea for stretching space as they provide a place underneath which can be utilised. If space is an issue for you and your little one, a loft bed can be seen as the ideal solution. Loft beds can also be described as High-Sleepers, both of which can come in a range of amazing designs due to the versatile nature of the bed frame. Again, as the bed is elevated it is worth waiting until a child is older before investing in a loft bed. View our complete guide to kids high sleeper beds, here.

    This is because you will typically get more life out of a bigger bed. However, if space is an issue then consider the size of the bed you require. For rooms that are lacking in space it is worth considering bunks and cabins to save on space and double that much needed space up with storage solutions which will come in handy.

    Converts to daybed and toddler bed with included toddler bed conversion kit - it also has four adjustable mattress levels! Loft beds can also be described as High-Sleepers, both of which can come in a range of amazing designs due to the versatile nature of the bed frame.

    Standard Bed Sizes One of the most common questions customers have is what are the standard sizes of beds. The following guide forms the standard bed sizes available.



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