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Remember to keep the receipt until we have registered your return. We will send you an email as soon as we have received the returned item.

cot bed net Cot bed net

We will issue a refund no later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to return the item.

Any refund will be issued to the same account used to make the original purchase. We are unfortunately unable to issue a refund to any other account. You are welcome to contact our Customer Service for help with your return: We accept the following payment methods: If you are sent a defective or incorrect item, please contact our Customer Service by sending an e-mail to customerservice babybjorn.

You can start using Baby Carrier Original from birth at least 3. You can start using Baby Carrier Miracle from birth at least 3. When can I start carrying my baby facing inwards in my baby carrier? Following advice from paediatricians, with whom we collaborate, we recommend that your baby be carried facing inwards in the baby carrier until around five months of age. For how long can I carry my child in the baby carrier at a time?

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You can carry your child in the baby carrier for as long as he or she is content. However, small children should not remain still in the same position for long periods of time. Are the fabrics used in the baby carrier safe? Is it safe, for example, for my child to suck on the baby carrier?

The Oeko-Tex label means that the fabrics are free from substances hazardous to health and allergens. Many babies suck and drool on the baby carrier when they are being carried facing outwards.

cot bed net Cot bed net

They are, of course, also certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard , class 1. Wash the baby carrier separately, preferably in a washing bag, and use a mild, bleach-free detergent. Do not tumble dry. Our mesh fabric products dry very quickly thanks to their lightweight and airy fabric.

If you have a baby carrier in mesh fabric, do not iron it! My baby has colic. If your baby has temporary stomach problems, it can help to carry your baby in a baby carrier where the baby is in an upright position.

It can also be calming for your baby to be carried and to feel the security of being close to mum or dad. Can my child sleep in the baby carrier?

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  • Certainly, it is safe for your baby to sleep in our baby carriers. Your baby experiences closeness and warmth in the baby carrier, which makes him or her fall asleep feeling secure.

    According to paediatricians, an upright position that ensures free air passages, free movement for the legs and arms, and good support for the neck and head is the optimal position for a newborn. Our baby carriers meet all of these important orthopaedic requirements for small children. Our baby carriers are designed to be flexible enough to fit parents of all shapes and sizes, from size S to XL.

    We recommend that you visit a retailer in order to test the baby carrier and to determine which model fits you best. What is special about baby carriers in mesh fabric? What makes these baby carriers different is the fabric and its special characteristics.

    The soft mesh fabric has a number of popular characteristics: Babies lack the ability to regulate their body temperature completely, which means they easily get hot. If you are living or spending a lot of time in a hot climate, we recommend a mesh fabric as it allows heat and moisture to pass through. A baby carrier in a soft, child-friendly mesh fabric that breathes makes it easier to maintain the correct temperature and at the same time lets you enjoy the all-important closeness to each other.

    Yes, your baby gets the same essential support for hips, back, neck and head in all our baby carriers. The mesh fabric is soft and airy, yet extremely durable and has the necessary stability.

    These baby carriers also dry quickly after you wash them. You experience exactly the same carrying comfort. How do I wash my baby carrier in mesh fabric? Our mesh fabric products dry very quickly thanks to their airy fabric. There are some rules of thumb which should be followed to achieve maximum comfort for both the baby and the parent: See the size instructions on the inside of the baby carrier and adjust using the adjustable double buckle.

    Put the vest on and attach it to the front part of the baby carrier by locking the double buckle. It is securely locked when you hear a separate clicking sound for both the left and right side of the double buckle.

    The back cross should be on a level with the lower part of your shoulder blades for maximum carrying comfort. When should I use the leg straps? The leg straps are intended to reduce the size of the leg holes for smaller babies. The Baby Carrier Original leg straps should be used when your child weighs between 3. This may also vary somewhat depending on how much clothing your baby is wearing.

    How do I adjust my Baby Carrier Original to fit my growing child? What material is used in Baby Carrier Original? Baby Carrier Original is available in two fabric collections: It is an airy mesh fabric that is breathable and transports heat and moisture away from you and your baby.

    This means that the textiles are free from health-hazardous substances and allergens. Can I breastfeed in my Baby Carrier Original? Without unbuttoning any buckles, let one shoulder strap slide down from the shoulder.

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  • We recommend that you always sit down while you breastfeed in the baby carrier. I have a baby carrier called Baby Carrier Air, but I can no longer find it in your assortment. Is it not for sale anymore? When can I start using Baby Carrier Original? The baby carrier is suitable for use from birth, as long as your child weighs at least 3. The leg straps should always be used when your child weighs between 3.

    What accessories are available for Baby Carrier Original? How do I adjust the headrest on Baby Carrier Original? Adjust the headrest by tightening or loosening the short side loops on the upper part of the baby carrier.

    When can I start using Baby Carrier Miracle? Baby Carrier Miracle is fine to use from birth as long as your baby weighs at least 3. Baby Carrier Miracle has been developed together with paediatricians to ensure that newborns get the best conceivable support for their entire body. To maximise comfort for both baby and parent: See the size instructions on the inside of the baby carrier for the right setting. It is securely locked when you hear a separate clicking sound for the left and right sliding buckle clips.

    There are five main types of mosquito nets for babies, and each of these nets are meant for a bit different purposes: What are the next steps? You're still the highest bidder.

    How do I adjust my Baby Carrier Miracle to fit my growing baby? Baby Carrier Miracle can be adjusted easily as your baby grows. The height setting is approximate.

    Hold the buckle flat. You may need to put some effort into it because, for safety reasons, the buckle is designed in such a way that it will not move too easily. Yes, from five months of age, it is fine to fold down the headrest and carry your baby facing forwards in the Baby Carrier Miracle.

    The Baby Carrier Miracle leg straps should be used when your baby weighs between 3. There are three front carrying positions, as well as a back carrying option. You can use Baby Carrier One from the time your baby is newborn up to approximately age 3. Find out more about Baby Carrier One. It has minimal buckles and adjustments, and you always carry your child facing inwards.

    Baby Carrier One is multifunctional and offers a variety of different carrying options. You can carry your child both facing inwards and outwards. How do I put on Baby Carrier One? The baby carrier is delivered in the upper height position, which is for newborns.

    If your baby is taller than 62 cm, you should switch to the lower height level for babies. Put on the baby carrier over your head, like you would a shirt.

    Place the back yoke under the shoulder blade and then attach the waist belt to the back. Loosen the shoulder strap and unbutton the headrest on both sides, as well as the safety lock on one side. Place your child in the baby carrier. Once he or she is in place and you have locked the safety lock, buttoned up the headrest and, if applicable, the leg straps, you can adjust the shoulder strap and waist belt so that it is comfortable for you and your baby. When can I start carrying my baby facing outwards in Baby Carrier One?



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