cot bed for 3 year old Cot bed for 3 year old

And how exactly am I supposed to do it?! And that can cause problems. That can be exhausting. Or maybe your toddler is just plain too big for his crib. Again, if your toddler is past 2 years old, then make the switch; if not, then consider getting 2 cribs. We did that in my house for a bit — my oldest son was 19 months old when my second son was born. We used 2 cribs for 6 or 7 months, until my oldest was ready for a bed.

If your toddler is small, consider transitioning him to a toddler bed. This is a smaller-sized bed that uses a crib mattress instead of a twin-sized mattress. A toddler can feel cozier in a toddler bed than she would in a twin bed, and that may make the transition easier for some toddlers. There are, however, some tips to keep in mind: Before you do anything else, safety-proof!

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  • Once you remove those crib bars, your toddler is going to have unhindered access to his room. So take some time to carefully toddler-proof that room! Talk to your toddler about the switch ahead of time.

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    Few toddlers will react well to entering their room and suddenly seeing their old bed replaced with a new one. Remember — toddlers like routine and predictability!

    cot bed for 3 year old Cot bed for 3 year old

    Talk about it, and maybe read a book about it like this one together. Make the big bed welcoming. Layer on any favorite blankets or bedding. Consider leaving the crib in the room for a bit. This may or may not work.

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  • For some kids, having the crib there proves to be a huge distraction, and only makes the switch harder. For others, though, it makes the switch easier.

    cot bed for 3 year old Cot bed for 3 year old

    Toddlers love choices, after all, so if for a few weeks you give your toddler the choice to sleep in the crib or the big bed, it can help your toddler feel more in control of the transition. So be prepared for it. When your toddler inevitably wanders out of bed, quickly put him right back into it.

    And yes, there will be a handful of rough nights in there. Stick with it, though — be firm, and be consistent.

    They need to be comfortable in order to sleep deeply. Your child may be so excited about getting a big bed that everything will go smoothly.

    Want more guidance on how to make the transition from crib to bed an easy one for your toddler? Or maybe you just want to get your wide-awake toddler sleeping and napping better?

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  • Plus, enjoy several toddler-specific tele-seminars, as well as two toddler case studies! When did you transition your toddler from the crib to a bed? How did you handle it? Help us continue to provide free content and consider a gift for use of our content today.



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