bed cot price in kerala Bed cot price in kerala

Comments When we think of a bed we think of relaxation, comfort and hours of sleep. We all have a standard picture of a bed in our mind that pops up when we think about a bed.

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  • If we start digging out the different types of beds available, we will find a diverse range of beds with different looks, features and comfort levels. Here we are going to present a long list of 20 different types of beds to let you explore diverse sleeping options available in the market. Divan bed Divan beds are made of 2 main parts that join together via a bracket.

    The base of the bed is constructed with wooden material and sits on the floor directly. The bed base is almost 3 feet high with a lifting cover and provides ample space to store your bedroom items in an organised way. Divan beds are very practical and functional and are also appreciated for their sturdiness and supreme level of comfort. There is an extensive range of designs and styles in divan beds. You can find different types of storage options in divan beds like drawer storage, sliders, zip and link storage etc.

    Please note most sellers sell the headboard separately. Traditionally, divan beds have been the bed of choice before other bed frame models such as leather beds and metal beds became widely available. Sleigh bed A sleigh bed is a contemporary form of bed that is famous for its bold statement.

    Sleigh beds are designed with beautiful, sleek curves with a smart and slender look. The look of a sleigh bed is entirely different from that of standard beds and so brings style into your bedroom.

    Sleigh beds are available in different materials such as wooden and metal, but they are most popular in leather. Sleigh beds are a perfect choice for modern or contemporary styled homes and can contribute allot in enhancing the beauty of your room. Sofa bed A Sofa bed is a multi-functional furniture item that performs the role of a standard sofa during daytime and can be converted into a bed at night.

    Sofa beds are also available with storage space to store your excess household items smartly. Sofa beds are appreciated by consumers for their different functions. People living in small apartments find sofa beds an ideal product for playing dual functions.

    Our aim has been to make shopping for sleep products a pleasurable, interesting, informative and rewarding activity, something we are glad to say we have achieved. We fix modular kitchen without cutting existing slabs.

    Sofa beds are also used as guest beds, especially ones that come with a mattress included. Futon bed A futon is a padded mattress that is used to sleep on and can be folded back in the cupboard during the day. It is traditional Japanese bedding that saves you space, letting you utilise your room for other purposes during daytime.

    The more improved form of futon comes with a wooden or metal frame to carry the futon mattress and to keep it above the ground. Futons are available with different colours with removable covers so that they harmonize well with the existing colour scheme of your home. Bunk beds consist of 2 layers of bed frames with each frame lying on the top of the other frame supported with a ladder. The main purpose of a bunk bed is to save you horizontal space and accommodate more than one person.

    Bunk beds are also used in hostels, summer camps, prison cells, student residential areas and in army garrisons. You will find a huge collection of bunk beds for kids with different, amazing features and styles. Wooden bunk beds are very popular and white seems to be the latest fashion trend. Most bunk beds also have the option to separate into 2 single beds, this is a great option later on in the future if space is no longer an issue. Cabin beds Cabin beds are from the family of bunk beds but they own a single sleeping bunk with storage cabinets beneath the frame.

    Cabin beds are available in the market in a variety of sizes, colours and styles. Loft Bed Loft beds look similar to a bunk bed but they contain only one bed frame on the top supported with iron or wooden rods and provide free space beneath the bed frame that can be utilised in different ways. For example, you can place a small sofa or futon or a drawer chest and a pair of stools or even a study desk.

    You will also find an extensive range of loft beds with built-in storage solutions and many other features like built-in desk, futon sofa etc. Loft beds are very functional and practical for places with limited space.

    Trundle bed A trundle is also designed to provide smart space saving solutions for your home. It is a moveable bed that can be fixed under another bed frame.

    Our Adolph, Walken and harley king size bed with storage headboard have unique and stylish design with an excellent storage option. Building a Successful Bamboo Community. The dynamic young leadership has forced people like me to virtually stop importing metal beds from global leaders and source most of our requirements of international design and quality from them.

    Trundle is a pair of beds; one bed frame is slightly smaller than the other as it needs to be rolled in under the upper twin bed. The twin beds can be split into 2 separate beds when needed. Trundle beds are becoming very popular these days as they are considered the most functional piece of furniture for saving space in bedrooms.

    Trundles beds are also known as hurly beds or truckle beds. Trundle beds can also be used as day beds, guest beds and bunk beds for kids. Cot bed A cot bed is specially designed for babies and young children. Cot beds are further decorated with dangling toys and rattles. Cot beds are mostly manufactured in a variety of materials mostly wood or metal. As cot beds are deep, they provide a safe place for young children to play and jump around staying within the boundaries.

    Four-poster Bed Four-poster beds are a traditional-style antique bed that was made in early 16th century. The bed is constructed with high quality wood and is further decorated with engraved art.

    Four-poster beds contain four long wooden poles to support the upper shade that provides the bed with a cosy shelter.

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    Four-poster beds are an ideal choice for rooms designed with an antique theme and it still has the tendency to add a luxurious touch to your room. If you want to bring a royal touch to your home, placing a four-poster bed in your bedroom will be a smart idea.

    What makes it different is the decorative fabric placed over the upper panel that covers the bed from all sides making you feel cosy. Canopy beds are considered one of the most luxurious beds of ancient times. Different types of fabric can be used in a canopy bed like net, chiffon and silk. The canopy and four-poster beds are rarely used in traditional homes as they are huge in size and are not practical for bedrooms where space is an issue.

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  • Moreover these beds do not go well with modern or contemporary decor themes. Half- Tester beds Half tester beds also belong from the family of four-poster beds. What makes them different is that they have low feet unlike conventional four-poster or canopy bed. Half-tester beds were widely used in ancient times but they are not very popular these days.

    bed cot price in kerala Bed cot price in kerala

    Platform beds are famous and admired for their simplicity and convenience and are mostly used in the US. The panels of wooden slats provide flexible support to your mattress. Moreover it provides ventilation to your mattress to breath and air out unpleasant odours.

    This way the mattress stays in a good shape and serves you for years to come. Panel beds are not that heavy and so are easier to move. Panel beds are available in variety of styles to go well with any type of room decor. Platform beds are also available with storage solution. Storage Beds As the name shows, storage beds contain smart storage solutions for consumers. Storage beds are usually wrapped with real or faux leather texture and offer huge space to stock your belongings.

    Storage beds are available in a variety of styles. Some storage beds offer huge space underneath their slatted base and are easy to pull up as they operate with an ottoman gas lift system. You can place your pillows, blankets and linens easily in the given space making your bedroom clutter free. Some storage beds have large drawers on both sides of the frame where you can store bed sheets, covers and accessories in an organised manner.

    Scarcity of space is a common problem these days and storage beds are a smart solution to this problem. Providing space saving luxury, storage beds are now available in many different designs and can bring a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. Day beds Day beds resemble sofa beds or divan beds in looks but actually serve as a single bed or guest bed.

    You can also use day beds as a recliner, lounger or as a divan. Day beds are constructed with high quality wood or metal material. Some day beds are also wrapped with fabric or leather texture to make them look more appealing. You will find a variety of designs and colours in day beds which do not only provide you with fantastic comfort but enhance the beauty of your home.

    Air bed Air beds are an inflatable sleeping, padding which provide you with supreme levels of comfort. Air beds are manufactured using PVC or textile-reinforced urethane plastic and are becoming very popular for their distinctive properties. Air beds were quite expensive in the beginning but now they are available at a very reasonable price. Air beds are being used as a healing pad to cure several diseases like sleep disorders, back aches, mental stress, depression etc.

    Air beds may give you tough time when it comes to their maintenance as little mistake can cause a cut leading to air leakage. Water bed Water beds are a flotation sleeping pad that is filled with water. Waters beds were initially formulated for medical therapies but now they are equally in demand for domestic use. If you are suffering from serious sleep disorders, a water bed has the healing element to treat your sleep issues.

    Water beds are also good for back problems and contribute allot in reducing back aches. Asthma sufferers have also found this amazing bed a contributing factor in lowering the intensity of asthma attacks. Murphy bed Murphy beds are folding beds that are specially designed to deal with the scarcity of space.

    You can store a Murphy bed in a vertical posture in the corner of your bedroom or even in the cabinet or closet. This is how you can place other stuff very easily in your room during the day. Murphy beds are an ideal furniture item for saving floor space by utilising vertical space in a smart way.

    bed cot price in kerala Bed cot price in kerala

    This is a perfect space saving bed for smaller homes and apartments. Some Murphy beds also contain storage cabinets beneath the base that can be utilised when pulled up vertically against the wall.

    As scarcity of space is a major problem these days, the popularity of Murphy beds is increasing day by day.



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