round baby cot Round baby cot

Designing and decorating their nursery is a wonderful way to get started as this is the place where are they are bound to spend nearly all their time.

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While there are some great conventional cribs to choose from, the use of a round baby crib is a trend that is quickly becoming popular. Gorgeous nursery space in red with a circular crib The round crib is definitely more pleasing on the eyes and does give your nursery a more contemporary feel.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why the demand for these delightful cribs is on the up.

Gorgeous appearance — fits stylishly in any room of our house! It features a safe-to-use, fitted mosquito net cover, and not only can it be used as a travel cot, it is also designed as an insect-free safe space to put little ones, as well as a great play teepee for older kids. Babies should not sleep with electric blankets or hot water bottles, although, if you are worried about the cot being too cold you could use one that is removed before the baby goes in.

Yet, there is a lot more than the apparent beauty! Delve in to check out some gorgeous round crib designs and pick the style that is the best for you precious little one. Lovely accents of red and white style up this cute round crib Modern nursery with a cool circular crib in white Getting a degree View of the World! One of the biggest selling points of the round cribs is the fact that they offer your tiny tot a view of the entire room.

round baby cot Round baby cot

If our stunning contemporary homes and villas are all about providing awesome unabated views, then why should your little one get any different? They might not really be taking in the sunset or the beautiful beach in the distance, but research has shown that vibrant and varied scenery does help in faster and better development of kids.

Round crib next to the bed allows you to keep an eye on your little one by Emily Johnston Larkin Stunning nursery design with the round crib taking center-stage! This gives your kid an airy and spacious setting, while leaving the walls and the corner space open for shelving and storage options. Addison Floral round crib ideal for a room with traditional theme Cute nursery in pink with baby pictures on the wall adding a personal touch by Joe Carrick Design Eclectic nursery with a round bed ideal for both boys and girls by sdominguez All-white theme perfect for the contemporary home Stylish nursery space looks refined thanks to the circular crib at its heart Safety Comes First A round crib in the middle of a room also allows parents an access to the kids from all sides, inside of limiting it juts to two or three sides.

Traditionally round cribs are also considered a lot safer than the rectangular cribs as the absence of edges allows the little ones inside to toss around and attempt standing as much as possible without hurting themselves. Of course, there will always be those who will argue that kids constantly manage to find interesting new ways of banging into stuff! But the lack of sharp edges and corners sure helps reduce any risk of concussions.

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  • Warm hues and gorgeous wall art add to the beauty of this nursery Colorful nursery with ample ventilation by Christopher Stark Photography Disney Princess theme for your little girl works well with a round crib Interesting nursery with a round bed in the center and world monuments as wall art by Jenn Ramage Stokke Sleepi crib-bed placed next to the window offers your little one many interesting views!

    Aesthetics play a big part in the choices we make ad a bright, vivacious and interesting nursery also helps in creating a stimulating atmosphere for your kid. The round crib brings together the best of both the worlds. Along with all the apparent advantages, its unique geometry is a nice variation in a world filled with squares and rectangles.

    A round crib at the center of the room offers a complete view for the tiny tot Dark brown walls clubbed with pink accents for a baby girl nursery by Oksana From celeb moms to renowned designers, the round crib is becoming an increasingly popular choice for one and all. It does bring along with it an extra pull on the purse strings. Share it with friends.

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