baby in cot Baby in cot

Frequently Asked Questions 1.

Try feeding your baby before you read them a bedtime story or sing their favourite nursery rhyme. After a couple of minutes of steady patting start to pat intermittently, with gradually increasing intervals between contact.

Suitable for use until the child tries to change position in the nest around 4 months of age. For use during the first weeks when your baby is asleep, day and night.

However this still means that some babies will be sleeping more and others will be sleeping less. After a short struggle, the mother managed to free him, but by then his finger had been ripped off.

Research has identified some factors that increase the risk of SIDS. These include sleeping baby on the stomach or side, overheating, and exposure to cigarette smoke. Accidental suffocation such as during bed sharing or from soft objects may also play a role.

Another risk factor is being born before 39 weeks of gestation. Regardless of the mattress you decide to choose for your baby, we recommend that you follow these safe sleeping guidelines: Is this a risk with the Cocoonababy? It does not introduce any suffocation risk.

The Cocoonababy should only be used from birth until the age of 4 months, or when your baby starts rolling. Before then, babies are physically incapable of turning in the nest in such a way that the sides of the nest could impede their breathing.

In addition, the tummy band ensures that babies stay in the correct position in the nest at all times. My health visitor says that babies should lie on a firm flat surface. This ergonomic design has many advantages: Plagiocephaly Flat head syndrome and painful gastric reflux. It also helps to reduce involuntary jerky movements which wake babies with a start startle or Moro reflex. The testing method was adapted to products complying with EN the German safety requirements and test methods for baby mattresses.

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  • After using the nest for a few days my baby seems to lie more deeply in it. This is perfect - This means that the special fabric covering the foam has moulded itself to the shape of the foam. Your baby is really in his nest! You say that the Cocoonababy nest should be used day and night when baby is sleeping. Is that not too much? In fact babies sleep most of the time during the first few weeks. Thanks to its shape and the materials used to make it, the Cocoonababy nest is the only product which can be used day and night for the first months.

    So it is important that your baby should be in the nest when not in your arms, on a play mat or out for a stroll. I am worried that my baby may slip between the bars of his cot and the sides of the nest? There is no risk of this happening so long as you follow the instructions for use closely and stop using the Cocoonababy as soon as your child starts trying to change position when in it.

    Some mothers say that there are other products on the market made in visco-elastic foam memory-foam which are the same thing as the Cocoonababy nest.

    baby in cot Baby in cot

    This is not true. The Cocoonababy nest is not made in visco-elastic foam. It is made from two different kinds of polyurethane foam, one used for reactivity, the other for comfort.

    The Cocoonababy nest produces the opposite effect: Can the nest be placed in a carrycot?

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  • No because a carrycot is not deep enough. The sides of the cot or the cradle should be at least 20cms higher than the top of the nest in conformity with the French safety regulations and bedding standard. If you are using a carrycot, we recommend using the Ergonomic Sleep Positioner instead. Can babies wear a sleeping bag in the Cocoonababy nest?

    Yes, they can — however, choose a small size suitable for a baby up to 4 months only. My baby seems to be hot in the Cocoonababy nest. What should I do? Imagine if you yourself were to sit curled up in an armchair, as opposed to sitting on a straight backed chair with nothing around you.

    No they are not the same. Can I swaddle my baby when he or she is in the nest? Yes, it is possible to swaddle your child in the Cocoonababy nest. However, a child which starts life in the nest will most probably not need to be swaddled: The Cocoonababy nest seems quite small to me.

    I have a cushion I bought to support me during my pregnancy. Couldn't I use it to cradle my baby like the nest during the first few months? Leaving him lying in an incorrect posture for a few hours during the day or during the night is not recommended. Products made from beads can sag so parental surveillance is essential at all times. If I put my baby in the nest during the daytime, how can I distract him or her?

    When lying in the nest, babies will also be able to watch the other family members — and they will be happy to participate in what is going on around them. A baby needs about months to adapt from the nautical space mother's womb to the aerial space. Can I reuse my Cocoonababy for my second child? Yes, as long as your Cocoonababy is in good condition and you have followed all the care instructions, you can use it for your second child. The foam cocoon should not be washed as any contact with water or humidity will damage the foam.

    The waterproof cover of the Cocoonababy and the fitted sheet are both machine washable and must be dried completely before use or storage. Why do you have a Tummy Band with Cocoonababy? What is its purpose? This question, however, is one which is recurrent among first time parents.

    What is the Cocoonababy made of? Is there any toxic or harmful component? The Cocoonababy foam is made of PU polyurethane foam. The foam is certified CertiPUR which ensures that the product is manufactured in compliance with the highest Safety, Health and Environment standards.

    It contains no heavy metals or volatile organic compounds VOCs and has not been treated with any fireproof retardants. The protective cover is in Tencel fabric and is labeled Oeko-tex. The fabric of the fitted sheet is in Fleur de coton, cotton fabric.

    The packaging of the Cocoonababy has also been tested and contains no phthalates or heavy metals.

    baby in cot Baby in cot

    Is the Cocoonababy compatible with mattress sensors? Mattress sensors use different techniques to capture and transmit information. You should check with the product manufacturer whether their particular sensor is compatible with the type of foam used in the Cocoonababy nest and its thickness.

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    What is the difference between the lightweight, quilted and fleece fabrics and when should I use which? The higher the TOG value on an article, the more heat it retains. A word of caution: It is possible that in wintertime, in a well-heated apartment, a child may need a TOG 0. To determine how to dress your baby in his Red Castle sleeping bag, refer to the table below. Where do you ship internationally?

    How long does it take? Dispatch is within 2 business days. Delivery times depend on where you live. Will I have to pay any additional taxes if I order outside Australia?

    Yes, you may have to. Online calculators may help you estimate the amount of duties and taxes payable. Do you distribute your products in stores? In some countries, we do.

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