baby cot for twins Baby cot for twins

Coming with two removable bassinets that convert to stand-alone rockers, this unit bursts functionality. The product consists of a spacious playard which includes a full removable bassinet and two removable bassinets, a flip away changing table, plus a large parent organizer. Check Latest Price Both bassinets and changing table have a weight capacity up to 15lbs or can accommodate kids up to 25 inches tall, whichever comes first.

The playard is safe to use from birth until the babies reach 30lbs each, or until they can climb out. With a one-hand locking mechanism and large wheels with sturdy brakes, the playard is easy to move from room to room.

Bassinets convert into stand-alone rockers, and each of them comes with two toys. With independent electronic music centers, nightlight and vibrations, these twin bassinets will surely comfort your newborns in the first four months. Things We Liked check Convenience pack: It comes with a playard, two newborn bassinets and a full-size bassinet, a parent organizer, a tote diaper bag and a flip away changing table. Each bassinet comes with two hanging toys and independent music controls. Things We Didn't Like Bassinets have a low weight capacity and can only be used for a short time.

A compact design makes this product fit in small nurseries or master bedrooms, and the unit converts from a crib to a toddler twin bed or daybed. Compatible with an array of crib dividers, this exceptional unit measures only 39x23x36 inches and it has a weight capacity of 40lbs. Check Latest Price This could be a cost-effective solution at the beginning, and you can always buy a second crib when the combined weight of the babies exceeds the threshold.

The unit is free of BPA, phthalates, latex, and lead. Things We Liked check Convertibility: Aden Convertible turns from a mini crib to a twin-size bed or daybed. Accessories are sold separately. A smaller-than-average frame makes it a good fit in tiny spaces. While white is our favorite, the other options are equally beautiful and gender-neutral.

This could be inconvenient because the crib has non-standard dimensions. The unit has a weight capacity of 50lbs and the babies can sleep together for up to six months. The mini crib is designed to fit in small rooms and measures Check Latest Price This advantageous design gives new parents peace of mind. The changing table comes with a changing pad and restraining strap with quick release buckle that keeps the baby safe.

A conversion kit to detach the table from the crib is sold separately. The crib also converts into a daybed or twin size bed with or without a footboard.

baby cot for twins Baby cot for twins

All tools needed for assembly come with the initial crib kit, but twin size rail and conversion accessories are sold separately. Things We Liked check Versatility: It grows with the kids and converts into functional furniture.

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  • It meets or exceeds all federal safety standards and is free of harmful chemicals. It has a weight capacity of 50lbs and withstands heavy-duty use.

    General safety tips While there is no strong evidence supporting co-bedding over separate bedding, or vice versa, general safe sleep advice applies to twins as well as singletons: The concern was that they will breath in each others carbon dioxide which we breath out but as long as you leave a gap between them I would not worry and as with all statistics it does depend on who you speak to, what you read and where and how they were written.

    Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet Finding a crib designed specifically for twins can be difficult, but Graco knows how to address this issue in a versatile way. The Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet accommodates two babies in a convenient solution until they reach 15lbs. At this stage, the unit converts into a sturdy playard ideal for toddlers shorter than 35 inches. The removable bassinets are perfect for napping and ideal to use in indoor or outdoor spaces.

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  • Check Latest Price Graco is a manufacturer renowned for its innovative spirit, and this product fully complies with the philosophy of the brand. Provided with an innovative squeeze latch system, the playard is easy to fold when not in use.

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    A convenient carry bag also ensures fuss-free travels. Another thing we like is the bottom of the playard which comes with a quilted mattress. This converts the unit into a comfortable nap space that twins can share during family trips or visits.

    Try not to worry about one baby waking up the other. Once your babies are discharged, they should be ready to be slept according to the safer sleep advice for all babies.

    Things We Liked check Comfort: These two features make it easy to move around the house. Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet boasts a contemporary design, being probably one of the most stylish solutions for twins available on the market.



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