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  • Whilst the trip itself filled me with much pleasure; the idea of packing, organising and actually flying with her was slightly more terrifying. I made sure to read blogs and speak to friends for useful tips on how to survive long-haul with a toddler; Pack wisely. Take a sling on the plane. Check the airline policy on infants. Most carriers permit you to bring both a buggy and a car seat as part of your infant allowance, so check with the carrier and plan what you will need accordingly. I bought 3 or 4 new toys just small things , and offered them throughout the flight.

    I also brought some sachets of Calpol - easy to administer on the go if needed. Take a couple of changes of clothes for your baby and one for you too, in case of any unwanted accidents. I found a pashmina scarf a good alternative to a bulky blanket as it packs nice and small and will keep a sleeping baby cosy. I bought a pop-up tent which was as light as a feather and very easy to transport. It even has a mosquito cover for hot and humid destinations!

    Just to note; US Immigration is a very busy place to be — both entering and exiting the country — so make sure you have water and have been to the loo before you start queueing - babies are very tired at this point.

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    Allow more than enough time when leaving as there are rarely any family-only queues. We stayed with friends in Queens, just across the river and a 15 minute journey on the subway into central Manhattan. From soft-play downstairs to 3 floors full of immersive and educational play and an exhibition level for older children suitable for ages in total it really is a wonderful experience and can easily fill a day.

    Despite my daughter mostly existing on sweet potato fries for 10 days, she did explore new tastes and flavours in some very sociable settings which was great fun. Head up for some fantastic views of the city over 3 levels, both indoor and outdoor, with a history of the Rockefeller family and the building too. You can get entry reduced costs by purchasing a pass for 3, 5 or 7 excursions in one go.

    If this takes your fancy, ask a Travel Nation consultant for advice and tips for what else you can pre-book to help save money. One day we took a train from Grand Central Station an amazing building in itself beside the Hudson River to the upstate town of Beacon.

    My daughter loved the scenic train journey and there was plenty of space on board and lots to wave at from the window! We spent a couple of hours strolling around the Dia Gallery before having a relaxing lunch in town.

    The station is right beside the river and the sun was setting over it as we headed back for the return journey — a fantastic day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    cot bed baby city Cot bed baby city

    The beach itself is huge; amusements are right on the promenade and there are plenty of restaurants. Trains offer a convenient way to get around the city and if you fancy a trip out of the city for more than a night I would suggest renting a car so you can travel easily with your luggage.

    Head up for some fantastic views of the city over 3 levels, both indoor and outdoor, with a history of the Rockefeller family and the building too. I put her down to sleep and sang her a nursery rhyme.

    Speak to one of our consultants for more advice on US car rental and train tickets. Interested in visiting New York or travelling with a baby? If you have plans to travel with a little one in the USA or anywhere else, we can help!

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  • Plenty of our team at Travel Nation are parents who have lots of experience flying and travelling with kids all over the world. We can offer helpful advice and tips on trip ideas , accommodation and family-friendly campervans as well as finding you ideal flight times.

    Simply call us or request a quote by email. Melbourne with a young family Jonny Goodall.



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